The Old Pharmacy

A little Step Back in Time

The Old Pharmacy

The Old Pharmacy is situated in the centre of Childers at number 90 Churchill Street in what was The Gaydon Building is today a visitor attraction overflowing with captivating pharmaceutical displays of early medicines from the late 1800 & early 1900’s.

Discover the medicinal marvels, mineral ingredients, rare specimens and mysterious potions of the 1890’s and beyond. You can enjoy a self guided tour of this fascinating attraction, located in the centre of the heritage listed highway town of Childers.

The collection is one of Australia’s largest collections of early pharmaceutical history, including dental, pharmacy and photographic equipment, specimen jars and medicine bottles, medicine books and unique interpretation of the early development of Australian pharmaceutical practice.

Admission for a guided tour of the OP dispensary is: Adults $5       Pens/Sen. $4.50      Children $3        Family (2Ad 2Ch.) $12

We Celebrated the building’s 125th year on 27th July, 2019.

The original chemist, Thomas Gaydon built on this site in 1894 then he added a second floor for his son Geoffrey the dentist in the 1930’s.  Thomas had to rebuild in 1902 after a fire that destroyed many of the shops on this side of town. It has always been known as The Gaydon Building.

A book remembering 125 years of the Gaydon building is available to purchase. The book includes both interesting stories & factual information on the history of businesses in this iconic building, along with past & present workers.

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